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Hair Extensions We Offer

Tape Hair Extensions

Tape hair extensions are the most popular extensions in the USA and are the hottest hair extensions trend on the market.Tape hair extensions are two 1 inch wefts, sandwiched together with a thin sheet of real hair in between them.They are very FAST to apply for the girls at Dolce Cabello, in as little as 20 minutes! These type of hair extensions are also easy to maintain at home. We use our own brand of 100% virgin remy hair extensions that can be used for more than one application!

You can have thick or thin hair and still be a good candidate for this type of hair extension. With hair exertions from Dolce Cabello you will have the freedom to do most everything your lifestyle demands; swimming, sweating, wearing your hair in a high ponytail, get regular blow outs or color services, use hot tools, all without worrying if the will stay put!

Prices for this service including hair range from $600 for fullness to $1400 for an ultra glam look.
Refurbishing (taking the extensions out and moving them up) ranges from $400 - $750

Beaded Weft Hair Extensions

Beaded weft hair extensions are a great way to enjoy hair extensions! These hair extensions are applied by sewing a weft onto a row created by micro link beads. No glue or hot tools are used for this application method and the removal only takes a few minutes. This is a great way for someone with long hair to add volume and fullness for an extra glam look! These type of hair extensions allow you to have the hair of your dreams on a budget. Hair for beaded weft hair extensions can also be used for more than one application.

Prices including hair range from $650 - $900
Refurbishing - $350-$500

Micro Link Hair Additions

Micro link hair extensions are a great method for building volume. We often incorporate micro link hair extensions methods combined with our other methods for best result.

Maintenance for Hair Extensions
  • Comb your hair before washing your hair extensions. This will help you to manage your hair while it is wet and decrease the chances of damage.
  • Use a stylist recommended sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. In some cases you may need to wash twice.
  • Be sure to purchase a quality leave in conditioner and oil to keep your locks conditioned. Your extensions are not connected to your scalp, so the only way to get moisture or nutrients to the extensions is by using products. A heat protectant is also very important!
  • Do not use heat over 350 degrees. It is also recommended that you dry your extensions and hair in cool or air dry half way.
  • Do not sleep with your extensions wet. That can increase tangling, shedding, and damage to your real hair.
  • Do not use products with a lot of alcohol
  • Do not apply oils or conditioners to the bonds of the hair extensions.
  • Be sure to get your hair extensions regularly maintained. Going too long can put a lot of stress on your real hair.
  • Sleep with a satin pillowcase, its also great for your skin!
  • Try to keep your extensions out of chlorine or salt water. But, if you must take a dip, get your hair wet with tap water first. Hair is like a sponge, if it's already absorbed a lot of water it’s less likely it will absorb the stuff you don’t want.
  • Any kind of hair extensions should be removed by a trained professional.

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Melody Lopez - Alpharetta, GA

I have been coming to see Amanda for two years now and I honestly will never let anyone else touch my hair. She is amazing at color and the only person to ever cut my hair the way I like.

Shelby Daley - Alpharetta, GA

Amanda is an incredibly talented hair artist and stylist. She's the perfect balance of artistry and cutting-edge technique.

Donna Manuels - Atlanta, GA

AMAZING!!! That is how I would describe Amanda and her talent. Amanda's vision and talent are impeccable! She has a true passion for what she creates and leaves you feeling like a princess.